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Dubrovnik  ( Croatia )

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Risan is the oldest town of Boka Bay, populated sometime in the 3rd century BC. It was once the centre for craftsmen, seamen and tradesmen in the old Iliryan state. with the arrival of Romans to the area, palaces with stunning marble details and sculptures, as well as famous mosaics were built in Risan, most preserved up to date, representing an immense cultural wealth. Among the mosaic pieces, the one dedicated to Roman God Hypnos stands out, being the only mosaic representation of Roman God of sleep in the world

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OUR LADY OF THE ROCKS is an artificial island according to local folclore created on the place where local fisherman found an icon of Holly Mother holding the baby Jesus. The story tells that two brothers from Perast found the icon on the rocks after shipwreck, and vowed to build a church dedicated to it. More rocks were freighted and dropped on this location, and a small church was build on the artificial island in 1630. Although vow fulfilled, local fisherman never stopped bringing rocks and dropping them around the island, caring for a tradition that survived up to date.

Kotor, a city of tradesmen and famous seamen. the Old Town of Kotor represents the one of the best preserved medival urban settlements buid between the 12th and 14th century. It’s medieval architecture and numerous monuments ensured Kotor a place in the UNESCO World Natural and Cultural Heritage Sites. Among the numerous narrow streets and town squares, Kotor is home to medieval palaces, churches and the cathedral of St. Tryphon (Tripun) a monument of Roman culture and one of the most prominent symbols of the town.